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The Wallace Group is dedicated to first class customer service from the moment we meet until long after your transaction is complete.

The Wallace Group is dedicated to first class customer service from the moment we meet until long after your transaction is complete.

We are committed to taking the stress out of buying and selling, and we specialize in handling all the small details while you handle the packing and moving. Our team divides and specializes in what you need whether it is selling your home quickly or finding your dream home.

Our Listing Specialist, Matt, goes above and beyond when taking care of you and your home. He helps prepare you and your home for the sale and makes sure you understand what your best options are every step of the way. He knows the market and just how to appeal to buyers so your home sells quickly. From professional photos and videos to continuous target marketing, Matt takes every step to ensure a smooth home sale.

For our Buyers, Sam, Sabaria, Ben, Cristen, Kimberley, and Lindsay are specialists who dedicate their time to knowing what’s available on the market, what’s coming soon, and how to submit a winning offer. They are knowledgeable, hard working agents who listen to their client’s needs, scout out the best homes, and negotiate contracts so that their clients can happily get into the home of their dreams.

Helping to secure listings, find homes for buyers, and match buyers to sellers is our trusty inside sales agent, Wendi! She calls and scouts out potential sellers to find matches for our buyers and calls buyers to find matches for our sellers. She is the engine that keeps this train going and he hard work and dedication to the process is unmatched!

Helping with every transaction, our dedicated assistant, Virginia, is another point of contact for our clients every step of the way. Virginia, or Vee, as we affectionately call her, ensures that we have the best vendors and contractors for our clients, guarantees that we never miss a deadline, and helps with paperwork and behind-the-scenes details.

Last, but not least, our invaluable database manager, Bre, ensures that all of our clients are receiving the appropriate communication for where they are in the buying or selling process, whether it’s making sure all of their contact information is correct, making search their home search criteria is completely filled out, or setting their appointment with the appropriate agent to get their process started. She helps with the little details so we can make the big things happen!

No matter what your real estate needs are, our team is ready and prepared to handle them. If you would like to learn more about The Wallace Group and how we can help you, please reach out to us and schedule an appointment to come in and get started!